Another Little Book of Pavement

I think I am doing a Bach thing, or a jazz thing (a blue thing), riffing on the pavement.

The torn up, still lying there, chunky chunky, pavement.

Hey, art moves slowly… just like the municipality… which means even though the rains have ceased, I had my choice of pavement chunks to add to The Little Book of Pavement…

littlebook of pavement Blue cover

littlebook of pavement inside a

littlebook of pavement inside b

littlebook of pavement inside c

So now, here’s a question:

When people ask, “What do we need to bring to the workshop?” I say things like, “Paper, ruler, mat knife…”

How can I convey the need for extraordinary things, like bits of asphalt?

Delayed Pavement…

Delayed Pavement…

Heh, heh, heh…

No, I am not referring to the fact that the municipality still hasn’t sent anyone ’round to pick up the chunks, let alone fill in the holes, even though I’ve already forgotten when the flooding was that lifted up the pavement, it’s been so long…

Yes, I am referring to the fact that I don’t remember the date that I first wrote of my intentions of creating a Little Book of Pavement, it’s been so long…

But here are some of the pages – if, indeed, they will become a book – which is questionable at this point…

pavement a

pavement b

pavement c




the beginning of a landscape : “The Little Book of Pavement”

So – I thought that I might do a little “landscape painting”.
My nearest “landscape”?
The pavement.
The pavement that has been torn up from the last big rains to hit the Bodrum Peninsula.
The pavement that has been torn up AGAIN from the last big rains to hit the Bodrum Peninsula.
With all the building “up in them thar hills”, the run off not only runs off, it also runs down.
Namely down our sidestreet.
Which makes sense, as the sidestreet was probably just the local “dere”, the creek, now covered over by pavement.
In fact, covered over by 2 layers of pavement – the first concrete, the next asphalt (which is really a composite layer of layer and patch and layer and patch, etc.).
Well, water does find its way, and in this case, its way is the space between the concrete and the asphalt – which has widened under the force of the river of runoff.

So I thought I’d make a little landscape.
But it won’t be a painting.
It will be
“The Little Book of Pavement”