Valentine’s Day Open Studio

little wc books 3 f

So, a friend of mine mentioned an artist she read about who was trying to survive on donations she was soliciting as a means of support for her art-making. I’m guessing that if she’s doing this through a crowdfunding web site, she’s “giving away” pieces of artwork as “gifts” to the folks making these donations. I suppose that was what I was doing when I put the Ottoman Princess fundraising campaing on Indiegogo. It allowed me basically to pay the costs of making an installation piece that is not “saleable” by getting support from people who were ostensibly “buying in” to the concept/aim of the Princess Piece.

For Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d just go the route of crash commercialism – in the spirit of the holiday – and open up my studio for people who might want to browse… and shop.
And maybe get a glass of pink wine as well. (In Marxian terms, I suppose a glass of pink wine and a little notebook could be considered equal in exchange value.

little wc books 1 f

Or is it use value? I never was a very good Marxist.

On the other hand, I’m pretty good at telling fortunes, which I found to be a very good way to get people to look carefully at art.


And so I’ll be doing that at the Open Studio this Saturday as well. No charge.

I suppose I could take a line from one of those fake gypsys in their below-the-sidewalk lairs and announce, “I see a beautiful work of art entering your house to make you very happy…”

And then invite someone to look at this marvelous wardrobe, handpainted with an image from one of our favorite beach retreats, and announce that I do commissioned furniture pieces as well…


But mainly, the Valentine’s Day Open Studio is just a way to catch up with old friends

Deborah 2a

and get better acquainted with some new ones

Water Pastel 090216

Happy Valentine’s Day!

(For directions to the studio, just leave a comment, and I’ll get back to you.)

Wisteria Books

So, I made these books last month, see?

little wc books 3 blittle wc books 3 f

Back when the wisteria was in full bloom here in Bodrum.

Here we call it “Mor Salkım” – in other words, “Hanging Purple”.

Boy, it was just hanging all over – I even followed Fadime’s advice and made some Wisteria Jam –

believe it, or not.

little wc books 4 flittle wc books 4 b

I just collected a bunch from my friend’s wisteria vine – which I sat in front of all day drawing,

back on one of the first nice days of spring/summer.

And I had such a good time making these little notebooks (fronts, backs, and in-betweens),
I thought I’d make some more.

So I went down to the seaside to draw.

little wc books 1 f little wc books 2 b little wc books 2 f

That was back just before ‘the season’ started.

That is the most deceptive time of year.
So many of us out there, artists, trying to figure out ‘what to make to sell to the tourists.’Frankly, I make some pretty nice stuff. But as any successful salesperson will tell you,
‘A good product is not enough.’

And as I could tell you, (and often have, probably), I lack the ‘salesman gene’. (I mean, check out
my Etsy Shop; no, wait: I haven’t gotten around to maintaining that since… wait, I’m thinking, since…)

Well, I guess I was just having such a good time making these little books, and I thought they were


that I just ‘plum forgot’ that I’d likely never be able to sell them – or at least not at a price that
would make it worth my while to sit down and make ’em as ‘business’. Fun is fun, and making a dozen or so
little notebooks for no money is fun; but making like a hundred or so? No Fun.

So, now, I’ve got these little notebooks, see?

little digiprint notebooks 1

And I’ been thinkin’, I ain’t gonna make any more of them, see?

little digiprint notebooks 2

So – should I give them away as presents? (Could do…)
Or should they get themselves turned into an installation, somehow? (Could do…)

If I sent ya a notebook, would you write in it? (Maybe…)
Maybe even send it back to me so I could read it? (Maybe…)


The Little Book of Dirt

The Little Book of Dirt

From “the psudo-science microbiology” comes…

“The Little Book of Dirt”

or, why we all need to remember to wash our hands,

and perhaps not head for that box of poison

to get rid of those pesky little varmints in our garden,

especially when (we read that) coca-cola will do the trick…

whos in my dirtWhos in my dirt accrdnWhos in my dirt 1 Whos in my dirt  2 Whos in my dirt  3 Whos in my dirt  4

The end.


Another Little Book of Pavement

I think I am doing a Bach thing, or a jazz thing (a blue thing), riffing on the pavement.

The torn up, still lying there, chunky chunky, pavement.

Hey, art moves slowly… just like the municipality… which means even though the rains have ceased, I had my choice of pavement chunks to add to The Little Book of Pavement…

littlebook of pavement Blue cover

littlebook of pavement inside a

littlebook of pavement inside b

littlebook of pavement inside c

So now, here’s a question:

When people ask, “What do we need to bring to the workshop?” I say things like, “Paper, ruler, mat knife…”

How can I convey the need for extraordinary things, like bits of asphalt?

Collage of the Day

In the interest of full disclosure: This is a collage of “a” day – just not “today”.

That’s because it is too cold to be hanging out in the studio for the moment, and also because I am going to spend the day at Kahve Dünyası (Coffee World) using their free Wi-Fi to download a lot of pics for presentations in Eskişehir (Omangazi Üniverstesi) and Ankara (Hacettepe University). HEY! As long as I’ll be enjoying free Wi-Fi (if in fact all is functioning), I’ll share some of them with y’all. But for now, here’s a collage on my own dime (or kuruş, to be precise) – my apologies for its fuzziness:

Collage_Environmental Protest

If you’re curious about the technique, well, the most interesting part is all that scumbly stuff on the bottom – well, it’s the back side of a used band of gold leaf – the light yellowish part is where there is still leaf on the tape – but it is the reverse side, so it is not shiny – and all the darker colored stuff is actually the watercolor on the paper underneath – now visible through the transparent band in the areas where the leaf was removed (pressed into some mixed-media work, no doubt).


Collage_Environmental Protest detail4

(Some better views can be had on Etsy, at )

And for more on the Ankara Workshops,

Top of the table

so, books…

did I mention something about making some books?…

I did do a lot of cutting and folding.

Snapshot of my drawing table at the moment:


I did do SOME work on getting the books up and running:


but I am having more fun at the moment reading.

I was particularly touched by a quote from Alan Kaprow that came from a

discussion on public art that I would file under the category “Art and Empathy”:

“This sense of what it means to be a social persona and the fact that every social persona has a private person inside is vital to the sense of community and to any meaningful sense of ‘public’ – of  public service. The way to get to these issues sometimes is organizational and structural, but often it has to do with compassion, with play, with touching the inner self in every individual who recognizes that the next individual has a similar self.”



Delayed Pavement…

Delayed Pavement…

Heh, heh, heh…

No, I am not referring to the fact that the municipality still hasn’t sent anyone ’round to pick up the chunks, let alone fill in the holes, even though I’ve already forgotten when the flooding was that lifted up the pavement, it’s been so long…

Yes, I am referring to the fact that I don’t remember the date that I first wrote of my intentions of creating a Little Book of Pavement, it’s been so long…

But here are some of the pages – if, indeed, they will become a book – which is questionable at this point…

pavement a

pavement b

pavement c