Deborah Semel Demirtaş

What I do.

I make pictures – mainly “collages”, “oil pastels”, “digital landscapes” (which are, in fact, oil pastels using digital sketches) and “mixed media”. You can view some of these under the tab “2-D work“.

In addition to “pictures”,  I also make “installations” – loosely focusing on ideas about our relationships to the land, our relationships to each other, and the role of art in mediating these relationships – i.e., how images affect what we think and how we behave. You can view some of these under the tab “installations“.

Recently, I’ve also gone back to making “applied art” – specifcally, painted furniture because I enjoy making things that are unquestonably “useful” and have a function (other than/in addition to contemplation).

As you can probably tell from my blog (Process/Progress), I’m interested in sharing what I do – and how I think about what I do – and I’m also interested in what you think. So, enjoy browsing through the site, “follow me” to keep up with the blog, and if you’re inspired or energized by or have questions about the work, I’d love to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “Deborah Semel Demirtaş

  1. I wanted to re-share your beach trash goddesses series but couldnt find a doc here with them all together as a particular sphere of production-creativity. would like to be able to remind folks there is such a recycler artist right here.

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