“Lettuce Enjoy Spring”

So, yes, it appears to be spring…

Little heads of lettuce are springing up out of the ground – I’d forgotten I’d sown them in what must have been winter.
Wish they would look as lovely as the ones I painted in Hope’s garden…


The poppies are peeking their heads up, too…
although not quite as exhuberantly as Georgia’s.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Georgia-OKeeffe-RedPoppy-1927.jpg

The artichokes we transplanted never took, so I have to be contented with the ones at the market – I can enjoy their taste, but not the pure purple of these watercolor paintings.

Image result for artichoke flowers painting

And although I’m looking out onto former Ottoman territory,
there are no tulips in my garden in Foça…


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