Back to the Drawing(CUTTING) Board


Yes, we are back to the cutting board!

The reason for that is simple: my precious French oil pastels are feeling just as overwhelmed from the heat as I am. They’re not quite butter, but they’re not quite up to form, either. So, rather than put the in the fridge and see what happens, I decided to just get cutting!

Somehow, whatever mode the heat has directed my brain towards seems to be more conducive to the process of collaging together pre-existing images than whatever the process it is I go through with the ‘water drawings’.

These are back to the ‘postcard’ size – 10x15cm. They’re the same size that make up the ‘fortunetelling deck’ – i.e. the 52 collages that I started using to tell fortunes with.

I’m thinking that maybe it’s time for another deck of 52.

And, I’m also thinking, maybe I oughta print these ought BIG!
(That’d be a change…)

So, here goes with the newest round of collages – titled, too!
(You can imagine them the size of a postcard, or you can imagine them BIG! If you go for ‘BIG’, let me know how it works for you…)

Mother Hubbard“Mother Hubbard”


Weird Landscape“Weird Landscape”

(Oh, and the one up on the very top is “Prenses”…)

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