Number 10

It is the time of year where it is warmer outside the house than it is inside the house.

Still, it is not quite painting weather (the blessed shade is less blessed in April than in July), so instead of getting back to the Water Paintings (or following up on the urge to begin some Wisteria Paintings), I finished up another ‘Column Collage’.

Because the pieces are only 10 cm wide and about 70 cm long, with a lot of detail throughout, they don’t really lend themselves to being viewed on the computer. But I can show you the top, the middle, and the bottom separately…

The TOP:

Suburban Wilderness topWhat we’ve got here is: some sequins cut from an old exhibition poster, part of an oil pastel drawing of sky, some black paper I cut in fringes to match the fringes from a picture of a ‘puffy pillow’ from an old exhibition (Nu:Nar) and in between a watercolor drawing on very thick tracing paper, some more sequins, the edge of the ‘puffy pillow’ picture that shows the beaded seam on the edge over the gold leaf, a bird I cut from a business card (original bird was a painted piece of wood from another painting -the collage got an addition of a yellow breast), an ink-jet print of a photo from Avanos that I printed on Japanese rice paper (and glued down backwards), a bit of a garden watercolor, a bit of a watercolor and ink drawing of an old Chinese cauldron, and a bit more of a watercolor and ink landscape.


Suburban Wilderness middleAnd what you’ve got here is: more of that bit of watercolor and ink landscape, some photos of some very damaged pavement photocopied (the photos, not the pavement) on light blue paper, a little bit more garden landscape, a drawing based on another drawing of a Hittite clay object from the Museum of Anatolian Civilization in Ankara, a red flower from part of a design for a mosaic tabletop, some bits of an old drawing (red and gold leaf) and photocopies of old sliver leaf-coated drawing paper from another piece (from nearly 20 years ago!), a map of Long Beach (I had planned on using in a collage for the installation Homesickness, but never did, and the back of the poster that had the sequins on it.


Suburban Wilderness bottomAnd finally what we’ve got is: some more map, some more birds, some more poster-back, some more pavement, a bit of watercolor ‘gift-wrap-paper’, a pastel drawing of a bit of oleander, a photocopy of bugle-beads that were sewn onto an earlier painting (from 15 or so years ago!), and (‘a partridge in a pear tree’ – no, just kidding) a glimpse of the uncovered surface of the marble-patterned paper that everything else gets glued onto!

This post is titled Number 10 because this is the 10th of the ‘Column Collages’ I have been making using the paper leftover when I cut the paper for the Water Paintings. I titled this one ‘Suburban Wilderness’ – Suburban because Long Beach (and Bodrum) is suburban – otherwise it would have been titled Urban Wilderness – because ya gotcha animals, ya gotcha pavement cracks, etc.

Sometimes I wonder where the images come from – and sometimes people ask me what I was thinking about when I made something – and I think the answers to these questions are : ‘I got a lot of stuff hanging around’ (in other words, the images are all recycled from someplace else – so that I can save resources by using up all the paper I have collected over the years); and, ‘don’t know, whatever…’

A Rambling Post After a Long Winter…

Is there a word that means what happens after hibernation?

If there is, that is what’s happening here, in Bodrum, in my house.

Built as a ‘summer paradise’, it can be a winter hell. Not because there is nothing to do – as many a lady, tired of endless handicraft courses, may opine – but because the infrastructure sucks. That means your house is cold, because there’s no insulation. Which leaves you susceptible to very tiny creatures crawling around your insides and wreaking havoc – creatures that are probably crawling around inside your tap water…

That’s where I’ve been this winter.

After putting together an exhibition for International Women’s Day on March 8, I thought I would take a few days off to go up to Foça and plants some artichokes and some trees, and when I came back to Turgutreis, the bugs got me. (Insert frowny-face.) Slowly-slowly, though, things are starting to turn green on the outside (of my house), and a rosy-pink on the inside (of me), so it may be time to start gearing up for springtime: Better late than never, isn’t it?

A friend – I forget who – was expressing a slight bit of jealousy in that I could always ‘just post pictures’ on my blog, and that I did not actually have to write anything. In fact, because of ‘the medium in which I realize my practice’ – to quote some grad student somewhere – I don’t necessarily have pictures to post, even though I most certainly have started working again.

I suppose I could do a drawing of the inside of my brain, but that might not be pretty. So, rather, a list:

1. Thinking about ‘spatiality’ – how not every place is the ‘right’ place for every work of art.
2. Thinking about ‘collaboration’ – how not everyone appears to be ‘into it’.
3. Thinking about ‘drawing’ – how, in spite of the fact that it is probably of more benefit to the draw-er (artist) than to the draw-ee (audience), it could have potential as an enjoyable source of income.

As they say in Turkish, ‘cemre düştü’* – so I guess it’s time to translate 1, 2 and 3 into a., b. and c.

a. Write that paper for the conference on Spatiality at Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul, and fill out that application for the 2nd Bodrum Biennial  so that I can exhibit the installation ‘Have Your Photo Taken as an Ottoman Princess’ at the Bodrum Castle – ‘nazar değmesin’** – a ‘right’ place for it.
b. A couple of projects to be written, or implemented, or both…
c. Have already cut lots of paper to size to continue with the ‘water paintings’ series as soon as this latest cold-snap ends – ought to start investigating exhibition opportunities… all suggestions are welcome (Insert winkyface.)

As a reward for having gotten this far, here are some pictures:


what comes up in our water-logged ‘garden’,


‘Giant Fennel’ (‘körek otu) taking over the lot next door, and

Good Govt on country detail 2

A little detail of springtime in the countryside of 13th-century Sienna,

all of these providing inspiration for ‘1, 2, 3, a.b.c.’

(For more pics, just scroll down or click on a tab or two…)

*’ the heat has fallen’, ie, ‘spring has arrived’

** ‘don’t let the evil eye touch it’, i.e. ‘protect my luck’)