Not to be confused with “lokum” – also known as “Turkish Delight” – “lokma” is a fried dough dessert that looks like a doughnut hole and is frequently handed out as an “offering” food in commemoration for a person’s passing or other life-event.

Columnn 4 bottom

How many years ago was it that I took a photo of a village woman behind a vat of deep-frying lokma I don’t remember, but when I took the photo, my intent was to decoupage it on a tray for a painting/tray, a useful object that could also be hung up on a wall because it is beautiful. (There’s something you can contemplate: the ideology behind the division (?) between “art” and “craft”. But as usual, I digress…)

Column Collage 4 - top

As you might be aware if you have been reading these posts, I will be going to New York in about a week, so the “column collage” below will be the last thing I’m doing in the studio for another month. In the meantime, I’m messing with thousands of plastic bottles as part of an outdoor “garbage art” project before I head off to NY – with a broken ankle; Let them just set me down someplace with a view and a box of watercolors…

Column Collage 4 - Lokma





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