And One From Column Number Three…

“Connection Lost” is the message I get, explaining why I can’t upload pictures of the latest “column collage”.

I fact, I have been able to upload a picture of the whole collage, but it is really so long and narrow that it is hard to take in all the details at once (hence the reference to “column”). Instead, you really have to ‘read’ it – although it is more like reading a map than reading a book. You can start wherever you want – and you don’t necessarily have to know where you’re going.

Column Collage 3

While it is frustrating to try and view these on a computer screen (unless you’ve got a VERY large screen), I suppose it does capture how the piece can really only be taken in in parts, rather than as a whole. On the other hand, when you are looking at the actual piece, you get to ‘choose your own destination’, so to speak.

Below are 2 details – think of them as the insets in the map that give a close-up of those ‘areas of interest’.


Column Collage 3 Detail mid

Column Collage 3 Detail bottom

To see another ‘column collage’, click here.




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