A Change in the Weather is Known to be Extreme

“A change in the weather is known to be extreme, and now I’m changing horses in midstream,”

says Bob Dylan, almost.

But with the wind and rain kicking up here on the Bodrum Peninsula, it is NOT the time to be doing oil paintings outside in the backyard. So, we are back to working on collages. You might recall I had been working on some collages in a ‘strange’ format (i.e. long and narrow) –

Column Collage 2

I chose the ‘column’ format because it was the size of the paper leftover after cutting the sheets to the size I wanted for oil paintings (another ‘strange’ format – a square). It turned out to be rather hard to work with: I’m basically working with a series of different images stacked up on one another that also have to work as a complete vertical image. I suppose in a way they are like totem poles…

I had planned on posting images of the latest one – the one done ‘since the rain began’ –  but the photos came out unacceptably blurry, so I’ll have to shoot them again. In the meantime, I thought I’d just put up some things from my stock of ‘postcard’ collages – more of which can be found here.



Climbing Goat Hill

Climbing Goat Hill

Pointy objects

Pointy Objects


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