October on the Hudson

It’s official – I’ll be in NY from October 8-25!
For anyone around Hudson NY (north of NYC, south of Albany),
I’ll be at Olana on October 11 for a lecture/workshop on architectural decoration.
You can find the details of the program on the web site of the Olana State Historic Site (click here).

If you’ve never been to Olana, it is really a trip! It was the home of the artist Frederic Chuch, who had the house designed “in a Persian Style” – his Oriental Fantasy on the Hudson River.

I am looking forward to being up there in the fall to take photographs and do some drawing. In the meantime, I am going through all my “slides” (I wish – instead, I’m going through my JPEGs!) Here are just a few…


Rhodes-Mosque (1)


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  1. […] you might be aware if you have been reading these posts, I will be going to New York in about a week, so the “column collage” below will be the last thing I’m doing […]

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