And One From Column Number Three…

And One From Column Number Three…

“Connection Lost” is the message I get, explaining why I can’t upload pictures of the latest “column collage”.

I fact, I have been able to upload a picture of the whole collage, but it is really so long and narrow that it is hard to take in all the details at once (hence the reference to “column”). Instead, you really have to ‘read’ it – although it is more like reading a map than reading a book. You can start wherever you want – and you don’t necessarily have to know where you’re going.

Column Collage 3

While it is frustrating to try and view these on a computer screen (unless you’ve got a VERY large screen), I suppose it does capture how the piece can really only be taken in in parts, rather than as a whole. On the other hand, when you are looking at the actual piece, you get to ‘choose your own destination’, so to speak.

Below are 2 details – think of them as the insets in the map that give a close-up of those ‘areas of interest’.


Column Collage 3 Detail mid

Column Collage 3 Detail bottom

To see another ‘column collage’, click here.




A Change in the Weather is Known to be Extreme

A Change in the Weather is Known to be Extreme

“A change in the weather is known to be extreme, and now I’m changing horses in midstream,”

says Bob Dylan, almost.

But with the wind and rain kicking up here on the Bodrum Peninsula, it is NOT the time to be doing oil paintings outside in the backyard. So, we are back to working on collages. You might recall I had been working on some collages in a ‘strange’ format (i.e. long and narrow) –

Column Collage 2

I chose the ‘column’ format because it was the size of the paper leftover after cutting the sheets to the size I wanted for oil paintings (another ‘strange’ format – a square). It turned out to be rather hard to work with: I’m basically working with a series of different images stacked up on one another that also have to work as a complete vertical image. I suppose in a way they are like totem poles…

I had planned on posting images of the latest one – the one done ‘since the rain began’ –  but the photos came out unacceptably blurry, so I’ll have to shoot them again. In the meantime, I thought I’d just put up some things from my stock of ‘postcard’ collages – more of which can be found here.



Climbing Goat Hill

Climbing Goat Hill

Pointy objects

Pointy Objects


It’s from Kos, it’s Italian, it’s in New York

It’s from Kos, it’s Italian, it’s in New York

I just love this sketch!

Sketch - Ironwork

It is a drawing for a detail of an iron gate from the 1920s for (if I remember correctly) the entrance gate of a government building on Kos (Cos), the island that I see out my window. At the time, Kos belonged to Italy, having been occupied by the Italians in 1912 and then formally ceded by the Ottoman Empire with the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923 – as punishment for the Turks’ being on the wrong side in World War I. Today Kos belongs to Greece, which means to visit, I need to get my passport stamped on the way in, after a  30-minute ferry from Turgutreis. (Total time from my house to Kos: 45 minutes.)

In fact, on the occasion that I took this photo – at an exhibition highlighting the island’s Italian architectural heritage – I took the long way ’round (bus to Fethiye, ferry  to Rhodes, ferry back up to Kos; Total time: 2 days!), as I had been invited to write about how “Turkish Tourists Help Greek Islands out of Crisis”… but that’s another story.

This image will be one of a number of examples from Kos that I will share in my talk/workshop on architectural decoration at Olana on October 11th.

October on the Hudson

It’s official – I’ll be in NY from October 8-25!
For anyone around Hudson NY (north of NYC, south of Albany),
I’ll be at Olana on October 11 for a lecture/workshop on architectural decoration.
You can find the details of the program on the web site of the Olana State Historic Site (click here).

If you’ve never been to Olana, it is really a trip! It was the home of the artist Frederic Chuch, who had the house designed “in a Persian Style” – his Oriental Fantasy on the Hudson River.

I am looking forward to being up there in the fall to take photographs and do some drawing. In the meantime, I am going through all my “slides” (I wish – instead, I’m going through my JPEGs!) Here are just a few…


Rhodes-Mosque (1)


La Mer

La Mer

Back we are, at Kissebükü.

But are we on the shore under the umbrella, or are we on “La Mer”?

A8 La Mer

I had a very hard time with this painting. It just did not know what it wanted to be.
As a result, it went through several stages before it was finished (and silly me forgot to photograph them!).
Finally, it is finished. If you consider a painting without a title finished.

Personally, I think titles are very important for giving insight into what is going on in the work. In this case, I am having a very hard time finding a title, because I am still not sure what is going on in this work! I’ve given it the tentative title of “La Mer” – for “La Mer: The Boat” as well as for “La Mer: The Sea”

70x70cm, oil on paper.

If you think you’ve got a better title, please share it with me.