Collage with Boats!

 Well, it’s back to the collages – this time, with boats!

This is a result of doing some drawings of boats and having an extra sketch that was being unproductive all on its lonesome and so needed to be cut up. It was just screaming “Cut me up! Cut me up” – and so I did.

Then the various and sundry parts practically begged me to put them together with some other various and sundry parts – many parts left over from books: Pages need to be cut to size, and I have such a hard time throwing out the leftovers!

So, here is the whole thing:

Column collage 1

The “whole thing” is 70×15 cm, because that is the what is leftover from the drawing Pool.
Parts include,

On the top: part of a boat from the boatyard, hidden under a piece of acetate left over from a book, also under there are some snippets of snapshots of weeds growing out of pavement cracks and a photocopy of part of a drawing from around1996 (!) – and the acetate is tied onto the background using waxed linen thread leftover from bookbinding…

Column Collage 1 detay1

On the bottom: part of a photo-sketch of some kids sitting on the pier in Gümüşlük, some snippets leftover from cutting pages for The Little Book of Dirt, and a watercolor done on acetate for The Book of Esma, which for some reason has yet to materialize.

Column collage 1 detay2

There is another “column collage” in  the works, maybe for tomorrow…

see ya later (wink)


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