So it seems I have not been in the studio much this month…

I thought, and thought, and thought – but could not figure out where the time has gone!

Apparently, I have only made 2 collages this entire month!!!!

So, here is one of them…


(Yes, it’s fuzzy – but I am working with a replacement camera until I can replace the one that got eaten on the plane back from Erzurum.

So, where has the time gone since then?

Elementary school: doing “intro to archaeology” with 3rd-graders…

Housecleaning: unsuccessful; more time spent avoiding housecleaning by playing computer games and browsing facebook (can you relate?)…

Planting tomatoes: outcome unknown; got 1 tomato (on a total of 7 plants), 1 eggplant (at least there was a flower), a bunch of basil (small-leafed, mainly good for keeping away mosquitos), 2 black-eyed peas (not dead yet!), 4 “provenance unknown” (could be peas… ).

With an average of only 2 hours of sunlight a day at any point in our garden, I’d say this is hopeless – but I’m trying anyway! Next up: leaf drawings!


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