Historical Treasures in Erzurum

(aşağıdaki açıklama İngilizce ile başlıyor, Türkçe ile devam ediyor…)

For the past few days I’ve been at an American Studies conference in Erzurum Turkey.

I was invited to give a talk and present an exhibition of work. I wanted to do something

that I thought would be appropriate for the setting and that might do me some good.

And of course, have some affect… so in addition to just presenting work, I asked for


I can definitely say I learned something.

Here is something I learned from Pınar Özdemir (thanks, Pınar), who wrote about my collage,

newly titled:

Appraising history expl

Appraising history pic

The Little Book of Dirt

The Little Book of Dirt

From “the psudo-science microbiology” comes…

“The Little Book of Dirt”

or, why we all need to remember to wash our hands,

and perhaps not head for that box of poison

to get rid of those pesky little varmints in our garden,

especially when (we read that) coca-cola will do the trick…

whos in my dirtWhos in my dirt accrdnWhos in my dirt 1 Whos in my dirt  2 Whos in my dirt  3 Whos in my dirt  4

The end.