Collage of the Day

In the interest of full disclosure: This is a collage of “a” day – just not “today”.

That’s because it is too cold to be hanging out in the studio for the moment, and also because I am going to spend the day at Kahve Dünyası (Coffee World) using their free Wi-Fi to download a lot of pics for presentations in Eskişehir (Omangazi Üniverstesi) and Ankara (Hacettepe University). HEY! As long as I’ll be enjoying free Wi-Fi (if in fact all is functioning), I’ll share some of them with y’all. But for now, here’s a collage on my own dime (or kuruş, to be precise) – my apologies for its fuzziness:

Collage_Environmental Protest

If you’re curious about the technique, well, the most interesting part is all that scumbly stuff on the bottom – well, it’s the back side of a used band of gold leaf – the light yellowish part is where there is still leaf on the tape – but it is the reverse side, so it is not shiny – and all the darker colored stuff is actually the watercolor on the paper underneath – now visible through the transparent band in the areas where the leaf was removed (pressed into some mixed-media work, no doubt).


Collage_Environmental Protest detail4

(Some better views can be had on Etsy, at )

And for more on the Ankara Workshops,

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