Top of the table

so, books…

did I mention something about making some books?…

I did do a lot of cutting and folding.

Snapshot of my drawing table at the moment:


I did do SOME work on getting the books up and running:


but I am having more fun at the moment reading.

I was particularly touched by a quote from Alan Kaprow that came from a

discussion on public art that I would file under the category “Art and Empathy”:

“This sense of what it means to be a social persona and the fact that every social persona has a private person inside is vital to the sense of community and to any meaningful sense of ‘public’ – of  public service. The way to get to these issues sometimes is organizational and structural, but often it has to do with compassion, with play, with touching the inner self in every individual who recognizes that the next individual has a similar self.”



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