Some Notes on Process

So, I tend to like creating art that involves a variety of (thought as well as physical) processes, and since I decided to put my foot to the pavement, so to speak, in terms of website, I thought I would try to document some of the physical processes in making “The Little Book of Pavement”. (How would one document the thought processes? Don’t know…)

So, after taking the initial photos of our runoff-damaged pavement, I decided I would turn them into color photocopies that I would transfer onto stiff, white drawing paper. (How did I “decide”? Don’t know…)

I asked the local woodpainting course instructor how I could do a transfer, did some minimal Internet research, and then decided to print the photocopies on both blue and white xerox paper. (How did I “decide”? Don’t know…)

After cutting the stiff drawing paper to size, I coated it with a “transfer medium” and let it sit to dry. I also cut some of the “blue xeroxes” and coated them with transfer medium and let them dry as well. When they were pretty dry (but not completely), I put a little more medium on the white paper, flipped over the xeroxes, and then went over them with a print roller. They looked like this:


I was going to let them dry overnight, but then I just got started trying to rub off the blue paper from the xerox (the idea is that the ink sticks to the plastic medium and then gets sandwiched in between the layers of plastic medium – I keep thinking there must be something I could use that is NOT plastic…).

I thought that way I could see the difference between how the finished transfer would look after I waited just an hour and after I waited overnight. (Why did I decide to do this? First of all, I am just an impatient person, and second of all, if there wasn’t going to be any difference, why waste the time waiting?)

Here are some photos of the process of removing the paper…ImageImage

and here are some more photos – maybe “The Little Book of Pavement” can give birth to “A Little Book of Landscapes in My Studio”…

No –  no more photos! Computer/Internet not cooperating!!!

One last try and then we “publish”… Hallelujah!


















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