‘digital landscapes’

Even those these are oil pastels, I call them “digital landscapes” because I use Photoshop as a sketching tool to mediate between photography and hand-drawing. Basically, I take photographs, transfer the digital images from the camera to the computer and then use Photoshop to collage elements  from different photographs and to alter elements of color, scale, etc. At a certain point, I will decide to print out an image on paper (usually standard Canson 100% rag drawing paper), and use this image as an underpainting for a pastel drawing.

In short, all of these drawings are created in a 3-step process: 1. photograph the landscape; 2. using the photograph(s), create a digital sketch; 3. re-work the digital sketch physically, with oil pastel.

Here are some examples:

Kagit üzerine Bodrum Manzara Akyarlar'dan Kos'a 2

Kagit üzerine Bodrum Manzara Kemer'den 2

Landscape - pink clouds a


Pembe Sis

Landscape - turuncu dalga, mor bulut a

Red Sky at Night ,


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